Frequently Asked Questions


Our dear artist,

Welcome to Artzula. Thank you for choosing to share your work with our users through Artzula. We would like to inform you about some issues you should pay attention to while uploading and after uploading your works.

First you need to create a profile to upload your work. You can create your Artzula profile with a valid e-mail address by clicking on the "Artzula Artist Login" tab in the upper right corner of our home page. This process is free and will always remain so.

How does Artzula work?

Artzula is a free artist platform open to all artists working in visual arts. By uploading your works, you can open a store, offer printed products to our users and earn profit from each product sale. All you have to do is upload your work and track your sales.

How do I become an Artzula artist?

You can create your Artzula profile, upload as many designs as you want, meeting the criteria below, to the site and start earning from sales. Since you retain the copyright of your designs in accordance with the terms of use, no additional agreement and/or condition is required.

What are the design criteria to be loaded into Artzula?

Artzula "Design Yourself" model is not a platform that allows one-time uploads, and every uploaded design may not be available on the site, even if it is new and/or belongs to an artist who has uploaded a design before. Artzula reserves the right to disapprove one/many uploaded designs and not include them throughout the site, in line with the following criteria. Of course, it is not our job to interpret anyone's art, but in order to maintain a certain level of visual quality on, the criteria sought in the designs to be uploaded, apart from the original work of the artist, are as follows:

One-off personal print images, infringing copyright, belonging to someone else, taken from vector graphics sites, owned by someone else but manipulated, low resolution / blurred / pixelated / transferred to digital media in low quality by either photographing or scanning, political message / figure / party logo and related images, containing licensed logos and images belonging to a certain brand and brand, logos and images of institutions, organizations, businesses etc. even if they belong to the uploader, photographs and/or images belonging to certain persons and persons, all kinds of religious and/or belief Images that contain offensive visuals, text, people, etc. and that, at our discretion, do not comply with the general concept of the site are not approved in any way and are not included on the site.

All uploaded images are checked by our team of Artzula artists before being placed on the site and must go through the approval process. In addition, our team of Artzula artists reserves the right to periodically eliminate pre-loaded designs in line with the above-mentioned criteria in order to keep the general concept of the site at a certain level for both our artists and our users.

What should I pay attention to when uploading images?

The first thing you should pay attention to when uploading a design to Artzula is the high resolution of the image to be uploaded. High resolution does not equal large file size. It is very important that the transfer method and quality are high in studies that are later transferred to digital. For example, if you are going to take a photo of a painting you have made and transfer it to digital format, ambient light, photo quality and frame limitation during shooting are very important for the best transfer of your work and print quality. Artzula does not make any changes or corrections to your works.

For decorative products (artprints and canvas paintings), you must upload an image with high resolution and image mode RGB/8bit. For textile products, the images to be uploaded must have a transparent PNG extension with a transparent background and the image mode must be RGB/8bit.

Images with certain boundaries do not look the same in textile products as they do in decorative products and are not preferred. The quality of the image you upload is automatically detected by the upload module and the most suitable size options are offered to you during upload. While uploading your designs, you will be able to foresee how they will look on both textile and decorative products, and you will also be able to follow them on the page during uploading.

When naming your designs, it will be beneficial to choose names that can be easily found in the search engine and not to use signs in the design name.

Can I start selling immediately after uploading my designs?

Once the designs you have uploaded are approved, they will begin to appear in your store and the printed products you selected for the relevant design will be available for sale during uploading.

What products can my designs be printed on?

The designs uploaded to Artzula are currently offered to our users in 4 different products: t-shirts, canvas paintings, artprints and framed canvas paintings. You can put any product on sale or remove it from sale on the product upload page. There is no obligation to open every design you upload to every product. This process can also be done by the Artzula team at intervals in order to keep the general appearance of the site at a certain level. During this process, your design will never be removed/deleted from the site, only some of your products belonging to the design may be closed for sale.

How much do I earn from my sales?

During the design upload, you can choose the commission rate you find appropriate from 10%-15% and 20% commission rates on the product price and change it at any time. The prices that vary for the same products from different artists on the site are related to these ratio choices. Your earnings are calculated based on the VAT-free price of the product. You can also track your earnings from your artist panel.

How can I get my earnings?

You can receive your payments accumulated in your Artzula account via money transfer/EFT. You can request your accumulated payments of 250 TL or more by sending an e-mail to with your valid bank (IBAN number / Account holder name-surname) information. After your request, your balance will be transferred to your relevant account within 5 business days at the latest.

Is my work safe on Artzula?

Any work uploaded to Artzula is not shared with third parties under any circumstances or conditions without the permission/knowledge/request of the uploader. The designs you upload belong solely to you, including all copyrights. You can remove any work you want from the site, suspend your store/profile and/or close your products for sale at any time.

For any questions, you can contact us at or.

Welcome to Artzula.


Dear users,

Welcome to Artzula, Turkey's first and only platform where you can buy thousands of original designs of hundreds of independent artists from all over Turkey in printed products. We would like to answer your frequently asked questions for a pleasant and safe shopping.

Do I have to be a member to shop?

There is no obligation to be a member to purchase products from Artzula. You can choose to become a member to be informed about innovations and benefit from discounts.

How can I find what I'm looking for among the designs?

You can easily find the artist and/or his product that you see and like on our social media accounts and/or whose works are in Artzula, via the search engine. You can also easily narrow down your search with the filtering options on the product category pages and easily purchase the design that suits you in the printed product you want.

What are the payment options?

You can make your purchases safely and easily via credit card and money transfer/EFT, and you can also purchase your products in installments within the opportunities offered by your card of the relevant bank.

Do I pay shipping fees?

Shipping is always free for the products you purchase from Artzula, without any quantity or price limit.

What are the product return conditions?

There are more than 5,000 unique designs on Artzula, and not all the products you buy are in stock as you see on the site. The design print image you choose will be printed and/or produced specifically for your order in line with your product size, material color and/or fabric color/size selections. For this reason, after the product reaches you without any problems, returns/exchanges are not accepted except for the following reasons.

In case of any damage/defect arising from the manufacturing, packaging and shipping processes in the products you have purchased, you can ship them free of charge, exchange them or replace them, provided that you inform us by e-mail or telephone at with your order number, along with photographs showing the damage and a cargo report. You can request a refund.

Our t-shirt products are standard cut, single model for men and women, and are specially printed for your order as stated above. When purchasing a t-shirt product, be sure to review the size chart on the product page and choose the size that suits your measurements. If you are not sure about the size, order one size larger. If a mistake is made in gender and/or color selection, you must contact us to cancel within 24 hours. Returns/exchanges are not accepted after printing is done on the product.

In case of any problems that may arise from the weaving, fabric, printing of the t-shirt and situations such as shrinkage, loosening, print damage that may occur after washing, you can request a replacement or refund by shipping your product to us free of charge. Apart from the conditions stated above, product returns/exchanges cannot be made without informing us.

Our canvas and artprint products are also produced by printing specifically for your order. Please check your size and feature selections when ordering. If you make the wrong choice, you must contact us to cancel within 24 hours. Returns/exchanges are not accepted after printing is done on the product .

You can get more detailed information about product return conditions from the " Cancellation and Return Conditions " tab on our home page.

How many days does it take for my order to arrive?

Your orders will be shipped within 4 business days at the latest. We kindly ask you to take this period into consideration when placing orders for special occasions. In case of a possible delay, you will be contacted and informed.

For any questions you may have, you can contact us at .

We wish you pleasant shopping.